Take a breather and come back when your sitting down at your computer

You are most likely on the GO right now, clicking on a this little blue link to view my folio site online. I am humbled that your are here. But perhaps, work can wait until you are back in your office chair and able view the site on a bigger screen? Put the phone down and take a break.

I wish you a safe and lovely day in these trying times.

(Likewise, i prioritized for the moment that mobile and small tablet was not most important at status quo. Over other more critical tasks, as i am working on stuff to help the many full-time motorhomes owner during COV19 pandemic which have no place to go as all campsites got shut down)

Digital product designer

I design user experiences and interfaces for Sass, Apps and connected hardware.

I primarily working with startups and audacious projects. Who needs a startup and technical minded designer. Who can be part product owner, and fluently articulate design solutions to diffrent types of stakeholder. Especially, around how design relate to their business, timelines and strategic goals.

Nicolai Hemdrup
Amsterdam, Hamburg, Vancouver and sometime in Denmark

App for sharing campsites

Lifestyles makes great community driven services

2019 - Ongoing - Co-founder

We are small bootstrapped group of 7 people who has build a product, which helps a niche of motor-home owners share campsite locations in nature.

Expertise role

Co-founder, Product design, Product owner tasks


UI, UX, Buisness strategy


IOS, Android

Blockchain Gaming

Connecting games currencies

2018 - 7 months - Contract

I helped the founders of Tap to go from ICO to complete web-platform over a period of 8 months with a small team of 4 Devs, an Illustrator and me. Where we launched almost a new featured bi-weeks, to build a complete gaming platform with E-sport, Achievements, Game mechanics and currencies for the blockchain.

Expertise role

Lead product designer / art director


All UI, UX, Branding, Design strategy


Web app

Branding strategy

Everything from solidifying the why's to art direction of illustrations

Componet design system

Allowed us to build MVPs of features at high speed

Reponsive web app

Having components and the user experience adapt across web and mobil produces lots of challenges and opportunities

"I would very happy provide a reference for Nicolai as a recommendation for a lead designer. In his time with us, he was very professionel, motivated and a hard worker. It was a pleasure working with him on ideas and the platform. He got along very with his team members, and was always happy to help in areas he could. I think he would make a great hire for your company and fit with any team or leading any team"

Hugh Knight, Co-founder

Internal data site for UN members

Connecting games currency with share currency

2019 - 2 weeks

While at working at Zimmerman making data dashboards for none-profits, an United Nation member asked us to overhaul their internal page promoting data transparency of humanitarian tagged data for 70 of their member organizations which produce huge amount of open-source data as part of promoting improving data quality by 2020.

Expertise role

User interface, Product owner


All UI and UX


Web app

Componet design system

Using components allowed us easily add new sections as the clients' dreams for extra value add expanded. While offering high utility with restyled component from open react libraries.